David Bowie Reality

[Columbia/Sony; 2003]

Rating: 3.5/5

Styles: rock ’n roll
Others: Lou Reed, Elvis Costello

For an artist who has been utterly trashed and successfully praised in the past, David Bowie has never been able to consecutively draw the exact same conclusion from one album to another. This is true due to the overly distinct stylistic and musical changes that Bowie undergoes with each record release. I won’t bore you with the many faces of Bowie, but instead I will let you know that the David Bowie that is evident on his newest release Reality is the exact same as the one we critics praise last year for his successful and straight-forward release Heathen. Has Bowie gone straight?

Reality is an rock ‘n roll album. Bowie’s ever-present passion and deliverance is soaked through the album in contemporary musical conveyance and stylistic presence. He has finally pushed himself away from his egotistical themes and disturbances and has put his music at the forefront of the record. Reality isn’t a testament of Bowie melodrama but instead serves as a perfect segue way into rock ‘n roll acceptance as a truly innovative entertainer making music because of his love and passion for it, not for shocking gimmickry. All but gone are the images that put music second behind style and excess.

Reality does not include a bad song on the entire record. Each song is performed with charm and eloquence, outlining Bowie’s precision at songwriting and musical craftsmanship. Songs like "New Killer Star," "The Loneliest Guy," and "Days" showcase a fanatical display of musical talent and demonstrates a revived Bowie, resurrecting his ability to completely entertain with gorgeous song writing and stern and bold lyrical delivery. This is Bowie at his best, accepting his role in rock ‘n roll and completely restoring his career in the process.

So perhaps this simple an uncomplicated approach is the correct path that David Bowie must follow to achieve a linear success that has never been established in the past 30 years. Will Bowie comply with this style? He has for two entertaining records in a row with Heathen and Reality. Let’s just hope that his alter egos don’t encompass him in the future and take over his musical dynamics. That way, Bowie can achieve what he has never been able to in the past: an honest career.

1. New Killer Star
2. Pablo Picasso
3. Never Get Old
4. The Loneliest Guy
5. Looking for Water
6. She'll Drive the Car
7. Days
8. Fall Dog Bombs The Moon
9. Try Some, Buy Some
10. Reality
11. Bring Me The Disco King

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