Jan Jelinek Le Nouvelle Pauvreté

[~Scape; 2003]

Rating: 4/5

Styles: experimental electronic, minimalist techno, ambient electro, Krautrock
Others: Oval, Pole, Stephan Mathieu, Farben, Tim Hecker, Kraftwerk

Jan Jelinek’s new album, Le Nouvelle Pauvreté, is not unlike partaking in the orgy scene from the movie Eyes Wide Shut. The opening track insinuates the sound of an all-glass elevator whisking you up 250 floors to a secret, and elitist, new nightclub strictly for your aural pleasure. Once the doors open, you begin slowly walking around a room full of people who have no idea who you are, yet everyone in the room is completely intrigued by what is taking place around them. There’s sort of a silent grace that begins to tug at your coat tail, and this is a night your soon not to forget. The DJ, who just happens to be Jan Jelinek, is playing Le Nouvelle Pauvreté, his new album. It’s less spacious and glitch-y than its older brother, Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records, but who are you to care?  

The overall vibe of La Nouvelle Pauvreté sounds more like Jelinek’s Farben experiments, which focuses more on the idea of getting his listeners on the dance floor than on a train with a pair of headphones. However, the high level of perfection has not been eliminated from Jan’s formula. The main thing, though, that sets this album apart from Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records is the lack of involvement with record static and spaciousness. The beats are more at the forefront of the process, and there are even lyrics present by yet another of Jelinek’s apparent aliases, Avec the Exposures.  

While glitch music is becoming incessantly harder to individualize, Jelinek proves that he is still a very forward-thinking composer who always opts for the side door out. La Nouvelle Pauvreté is no exception to this rule. Fans of his work will be pleasantly surprised by this new outing by Germany’s premier glitch artist.

1. Introducing
2. Music to Interrogate By
3. Facelift
4. There Are Other Worlds (They Have Not Told You of)
5. My Favourite Shop
6. Trust the Words of Stevie
7. If’s, And’s and But’s
8. Davos S (Trio ‘Round Midnight)
9. A Waste Land

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