Kinski Semaphore EP

[Sub Pop; 2002]

Styles: new weird america, free-drone, hard rock
Others: Charalambides, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Black Sabbath

Punishing quasi-instrumental math rock never really was my bag but when it’s done well, its pretty damn good. Kinski do punishing quasi-instrumental math rock pretty damn well. Hailing from Seattle, Kinski received some favorable reviews for their debut album Be Gentle With The Warm Turtle in 2001…so much so that Sub Pop decided to sign the band just several weeks ago. As a teaser for the band’s upcoming sophomore album and Sub Pop debut which will be released early in 2003, the Semaphore EP collects four tracks: the title track which will be on the new album, a cover of The Clean’s "Point That Thing Somewhere Else" and two unreleased tracks. The title track, "Semaphore," is the highlight of this EP and is a good indication of where the band is headed. Gone are the Slint-esque noodling that the band occasionally fell into and in it’s place are staccato guitar feedback, wailing waves of distortion and a pummeling drum beat that brings to mind Hum at their very best. The Clean cover is done quite well. Simple Superchunk-esque vocals lead into the wall of distortion and never let go. "The Bunnies Are Tough" is a tonal-experimental segue that leads into the final track, "I Wouldn’t Hurt A Fly." Icy guitar strumming a la Interpol form a basis for the massive waves of distortion that recall My Bloody Valentine and Godspeed You Black Emperor. Listening to the Semaphore EP, it’s a safe bet to say that Kinski will be a band much talked about in 2003. Check out a band on the cusp of something great.

1. Semaphore
2. Point That Thing Somewhere Else
3. The Bnnies are Tough
4. I Wouldn't Hurt a Fly

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