[Self-Released; 2016]

Rating: 4/5

Styles: feel good, ☯😂😂 ☯, guilt free
Others: Bryant Canelo, C L E A N E R S, Rick Rab

A lil help for nothing but…

Thou shalt have no other gods before me

Rewind to Real Raga Shit Vol. 1 being a complete reality. Collect all the strong feels from **$$EXT8PE. That time you cried laughing listening to 928 / cold sweat. Tack on every last bit of Baltimore production that’s since moved to NYC (Gobby, Angels in America, C L E A N E R S), and now just start mingling with the locals (Bryant Canelo, DJ DOG DICK). Everyone lost faith in a scene that still exists, while lots of beat-/mix-tape musicians took it next-level (/f, Ahnnu, Heat Wave, TOP$, Digital Natives). So everyone can continue in their lanes of progress, but please take note that LAMPGOD and KNEYOW are testing levels with the GOD SHIT EP. Everyone, please:

GOD SHIT is the fusion of sounds between LAMPGOD’s quick-witted vocals and KNEYOW’s hand-style production. The two share minds and appreciation for fine-tuning exquisite sound(s) like a chef’s special blend of flavors: sweet-onion, spicy water-crunch, tasteful savory thankfulness, red bean miso. And as short as these six tracks may seem, there’s so much carefully crammed into them that one may not even realize that the first time there’s a verse-chorus (sorta) until “Jordan Year.” Not to mention what-a-time for something as sunshine and pleasant as GOD SHIT to have dawned on listeners. Personalities disemboweling themselves onto all the drawn-on smiles and applause signs. Publicists charging extra for over-wordage in press releases. GOD SHIT is the same honesty in directions that artists like Chicklette, Monkeybone, and SADAF have moved toward, past a boundary of character, presuming another form of personality while maintaining sounds similar to previous projects. But LAMPGOD, in comparison, is on a much more digestible level.

And, stray from a major label, GOD SHIT is the exact direction PLENTY of musicians and groups should have gone within today’s vocal/pop/demographic adventure, including larger acts like The Avalanches, Burial, and Gorillaz. KNEYOW’s ears are so tuned into the objective of sound presentation that each piece of audio — in parallel with LAMPGOD’s crisp vocal melodies and style — is perfect with the mood; GOD SHIT is like laughing without smiling. Or the future of where wealth dwells. But these labels playing with “People will listen to whatever/trash” hired a bunch of assholes, with suits and notes and households, vacations, charisma, business-casual, insurance plans, policies and procedures, faith in Christ, Baptisms, circumcision of all genders, wigs, shaved heads, alt-right, and post-truth, while KNEYOW and LAMPGOD represent the remedy. Yet, even if GOD SHIT dropped 20 years from now, it’d still be miles ahead.

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