Pendant Make Me Know You Sweet

[West Mineral; 2018]

Styles: heart fossils, phlegm nebulae, orphan figments
Others: Markus Guentner, Wolfgang Voigt, Thomas Fehlmann


bent limbs bound in

[[]] empty space [[]]

a clockwork coffin: arms wrapped around a space of diminishing returns

give-me-some space

personal space

liminal space

quiet space

safe space

// hands kneading

space to make amends spread

poison honey over the countertop



phlegm nebulae swallowed in

[[]] empty space [[]]

a quantum viscera: outer space >> home << inner space

eyes are telescopes pointed inward, at opaque reflections of gentle light pollution. nothing’s there but fractal mood fragments: shattered mirrors of the universe.

(think of blood as cosmic radiation, as quasar emulsion, as blackhole aspiration, as lunar lactation; vessel constellations fuel primordial ignition for supernova heart attacks and spontaneous generation; tombstones of dark matter are graveyards of stardust skeletons: the ossified remains of celestial bodies. the infinite expansion of known existence is automatic ennui.)



electron kisses revolving in

[[]] empty space [[]]

a physical imperative: energy conservation through reduction of raw exploitation

> wasting ( time / space / spacetime / timespace )

space waste conservation is composite fungal compost decomposition, sporadic diasporic spore dissemination and noumena spilled over the floor as bedroom clutter: bloodstained bijoux, jaundiced jewelry, pendant pendula rotting under dust mite dynasties. material things expire and become walls to surround you (every door closes and every corner turns away): recalled moments, recalled persons and recalled items at the check-out counter, caressed by barcode scanners. space debris reassembles the heart out of satellite imagery on television. but in reality, it’s impossible.

time waste conservation is resetting your watch every time you regret having said that.

while a waste of space is a kiss — takes up room(s) overflowing with solitary love horror: chick-flick snuff films, lipstick faces drawn on mirrors, quantum-entangled hand-holding on low-resolution home-video footage and instant replays; Black widows, Asian widows, Latina widows.

and a waste of time, too, is a kiss — but a good memory.



heart fossils treasured in

[[]] empty space [[]]

a noumenal equation: heart + fossil = relic

500 years later

(every door opens and every corner turns to face you.) rooms are inner spaces full of hegira vestiges, echoes of clutching hands and bones in solar alignments; mineral casts of Fabergé eggs that never hatched, salt-crystal curios; ancient burial mounds with cave paintings that spell out apologies; telegraph love transmissions, Rorschach scanlines and heartbeat spectroscopy (hidden messages in wavelengths, wave-latitudes and wave-longitudes); divine spaces of edenian nemeta, apples of youth and forbidden knowledge; haunted spaces of ghost talismans, mementos stained in ectoplasm and tears hardened into sapphire-sweetened pendants with magical cracks and recycled 8-track memoirs going in / out of sync to make me know you. but self-quarantines are outer spaces full of nothing.



stem cells floating in

[[]] empty space [[]]

a meiotic dance: pulled together / pulled apart

coiled, joined at the hip, merged and divided: (heart)strings cut up into little pieces and unwound, tangled up chromosomal yarn suspended in primordial soup — spliced, maybe even lysed



orphan figments lost in

[[]] empty space [[]]

a miracle of amnesia: a miracle of a miracle of a miracle of a miracle

(every door turns away and every corner closes its petals to un-blossom.) plenty-of space can be crowded into claustrophobia given too much thinking space, too much breathing space, too much living space expanding endlessly into dead space: cold, quite quiet and a lone wolf howling, but making no sound; tchotchke emotions collide leisurely among satellites in orbit around stubborn maxims. but that’s all in the past — 500 years ago, even, and it’s time to reset your watch.



sine waves ebbing in

]] contracting space [[

spacing in

[[ expanding space ]]

spacing out

]] contracting space [[

phasing in

[[ expanding space ]]

phasing out

a (sub)liminal sea: shipwrecked passions bobbing doggedly on ticking tides.


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