Huerco S’ West Mineral Ltd to release new uon album

Huerco S' West Mineral Ltd to release new uon album

When we reported back in January that Huerco S. had changed his name to Pendant and started his own West Mineral Ltd record label, the exact words we used were those of the label’s lofty ambitions to “perfect the art of professional electronic music curation”.

If anyone would be capable of such perfection, it would be Brian Leeds (Huerco S., Pendant, etc.) — and after setting the bar high with Pendant’s debut Make Me Know You Sweet (one of our favourite albums of the year so far), West Mineral Ltd. has just dropped its second missile in its quest to raze our expectations of how great the electronic music landscape can sound.

Said missile is a new self-titled album by uon, containing three “hypnotically lush studies in underwater ambient romance.” Before you go worrying about what that might mean, stream each of them down below and/or quickly head over to Boomkat to purchase on clear vinyl (act quick, it’s their album of the week so the secret’s out).

uon is one of the monikers of Berlin based artist Ryan Fall (aka DJ Paradise, Caveman LSD, etc) and uon is Fall’s second record, following his zlo 12” via Motion Ward last year.

uon tracklisting:

02. J
03. Bus

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