P.O.S. Audition

[Rhymesayers; 2006]

Styles: underground rap, punk-hop
Others: Dälek, Zack de la Rocha, Sage Francis, Buck 65, Cage

Audition is the first CD I've seen that's dedicated to Charles Bronson. This is no mere idol dedication, either, as I could totally see Charles digging most of this album, based solely on Chuck's penchant for the baddest of ass-kickings and P.O.S.' lyrical gang beatings. That aside, this LP also is sure to appeal to a wide range of hip-hop fans as it demonstrates cleanly that Minnesota's own P.O.S. can groove through old school, laid back beats ("Bush League Psych Out Stuff") just as easily as more big bangin' mainstream friendly rockers ("Stand Up (Let's Get Murdered)" / "Paul Kersey To Jack Kimball"), though always in his own unique vein of punk-hop. Audition follows Dälek's choice lead in combining authentic rock/metal elements into lizard-tongued underground rap, so just because it's independent doesn't mean it's ball-less. The first line rapped is "First of all, fuck Bush," so it's no secret where P.O.S.' loyalties lay and how he feels about it. He's as pissed as you should be, and hopefully will be after snagging this record and feeling its messages. But the only way counter-culture can truly succeed, or get as close to succeeding as possible, is if we have more fun than them. P.O.S. and his collaborating beatmakers seem aware of this as they pop out the first thoroughly enjoyable, spirited, socially conscious hip-hop record of 2006. Naturally, being on the consistent Rhymesayers Entertainment, label owner and Atmosphere knob-twiddler Slug appears on two highlight cuts.

1. Audition Ipecac
2. Half Cocked Concepts
3. De La Souls feat. Greg Attonito
4. Stand Up (Let's Get Murdered)
5. Bush-League Psych-Out Stuff feat. Slug
6. Paul Kersey To Jack Kimball
7. Safety In Speed (Heavy Metal) feat. Craig Finn
8. The Kill In Me feat. Maggie
9. Yeah Right (Science, Science)
10. Audition M.D

11. P.O.S. Is Ruining My Life
12. Living Slightly Larger feat. Mictlan
13. Suicide Uma
14. Bleeding Hearts Club feat. Slug
15. Teddy Bear And A Tazor
16. Audition Mantra