Radiohead I Might Be Wrong: Live Recordings

[Capitol; 2001]

Styles: experimental rock
Others: Björk, Sigur Ros, Autechre, Aphex

So, after two years of constant hype for Amnesiac and Kid A, Radiohead has decided to release a live album. Guess what? It's composed almost entirely of songs from these same two albums. So how does this little experiment in marketing shape up? At their best, these recordings give a slightly different view of Radiohead with some crowd noise thrown in. "Like Spinning Plates" is the best of the old lot, saving a somewhat interesting but throwaway studio-trickery piece from Amnesiac by allowing Thom and his keyboard to have their way with it. Thom also shines on the previously unreleased "True Love Waits". While gorgeous and prospectively the direction Radiohead plans on going, it is slightly disheartening that the song was premiered over 5 years ago and featured a wonderful keyboard part that's noticeably absent from the new version. As for the other songs on the album, they mainly differ from their studio counterpoints thro crowd noise and occasionally muddy sound. In the end, your need for this album can be determined by your willingness to shell out money for yet another version of "Morning Bell".

1. The National Anthem
2. I Might Be Wrong
3. Morning Bell
4. Like Spinning Plates
5. Idioteque
6. Everything in its Right Place
7. Dollars and Cents
8. True Love Waits