Radioinactive Free Kamal (with Antimc)

[Mush; 2004]

Rating: 2.5/5

Styles: underground hip-hop, experimental rap
Others: cLOUDDEAD, Shapeshifters, Busdriver

Well-bred veteran Radioinactive has teamed up with virtual-unknown Antimc. With underground hits such as Fo'tractor and Pyramidi, not to mention his Busdriver and Daedelus collaboration, The Weather, Radioinactive has penetrated the scene with his quirky bedroom recordings and rhythmic-heavy delivery. On Free Kamal, Radioinactive and Antimc work to produce what can be considered a light-hearted, sun-shiny album of treats.

Antimc's combination of samples and live instrumentation give the music an uplifting feel. Whether it's the dub-inflected "First World Justice System," the funky bass-driven "Movin' Truck," or the lounge-jazz of "Runnin' With Scissors," he provides the varied backing that Radioinactive thrives on. The production sometimes appears too scattered, with an endless list of instruments, including glockenspiel, triangle, Wurlitzer, melodica, organs, synths, and tons of percussion. There fails to be any clear-cut unity to the songs.

As evidenced by the hefty influence he has had on artists such as Doseone and Why?, Radioinactive is no slouch when it comes to creative deliveries. With double-tracked vocals and a deadpan tone, Radioinactive often sounds robotic, almost mesmerizing the listener, drawing attention away from the content. As a result, Radio's overall message flies by with barely any retention. What Antimc and Radioinactive need to do is settle on one specific sound rather than genre-jumping throughout the course of one album. Though they seem to revel in the fact that they are at liberty to do exactly that, it takes away from the general vibe. The substance both musically and lyrically is here; the problem is that it's splattered all over the place.

1. With Light Within
2. Chop Chop
3. Movin' Truck
4. First World Justice System
5. The Weight of Secrets
6. Citrus
7. Stop Me Equals Death
8. Runnin' With Scissors
9. The Physics of My Success
10. Dinosaur Eggs
11. Folding Dirty Laundry
12. Magnets