Radioinactive The Weather (with Daedelus & Busdriver)

[Mush; 2003]

Rating: 2.5/5

Styles: underground hip-hop, experimental rap
Others: cLOUDDEAD, Shapeshifters, Busdriver

"I just don’t get it!" These words bring me back to my grade 12 physics class. Day after day, I would sit while my teacher enjoyed watching the confused look on my face. I would try so hard, but the entire concept of physics was incomprehensible. Now it’s 2003 and it’s been awhile since I have donned that look. It wasn't until I listened to The Weather by Busdriver & Radioinactive with Daedelus that the remembrance of my physics class has come back. Lo and behold: I've just caught a glimpse of my face in the mirror, and staring at me is that confused look from those days of old.

Perhaps I should listen to it again; it can’t be that bad. But halfway through the album, I found myself more deeply confused. So I decided to deconstruct this album and get to the bottom of my confusion. I have always enjoyed listening to Busdriver and his fantastic previous release Temporary Forever. As for Daedelus, his Invention release of avant-garde electronics and down-tempo beats was one of the genre’s best releases in 2002. So what seems to be the problem?  

While we got a glimpse of this collaboration on Invention, both artists joined forces to make their sound fit together. On The Weather, they are retreating back to their personal styles, trying to make a full-length album out of fragmented ideas. But those styles don’t always go together, especially for a full-length album. If you need more proof, check out “Glorified Hype Man." While Daedelus has created a hectic, piano driven up-tempo beat, Busdriver and Radioinactive try to keep up with it. But they can’t, and the song loses its momentum very quickly. This formula continues throughout the entire album.

The Weathers’ closing song may be the most revealing of the album. It is simply titled “Barely Music." One listen to this droning noise may cause anyone to wonder what Busdriver, Radioinactive, and Daedelus are trying to accomplish. Avant hip-hop is a growing trend, but this collaboration doesn't give the genre the correct exposure it deserves. Busdriver, Radioinactive and Daedelus are extremely talented music artists, but together they have created nothing but perplexity. Listen to the entire album and I dare you to look in the mirror and find that confused look that my grade 12 physics teacher found so amusing. And if you still have your doubts, take note from “Carl Weathers,” as the chorus chants “Partly Cloudy with an Increased Chance of Rain”. Not a very good forecast at all.

1. Exaggerated Joy
2. Pen's oil
3. Carl weathers
4. Glorified hype man
5. Fine for a robot
6. Germs that may cause the following
7. Weather Locklear
8. Break for 2300
9. DJ Fury
10. Raffle ticket blues
11. Sleep standing up
12. Name forgetter
13. Thousand words
14. Fizzing energy drink
15. Barely music

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