Raging Speedhorn The Gush (cd single)

[ZTT; 2000]

Rating: 4/5

Styles: heavy metal, hard rock
Others: Biohazard, Faith No More, Nirvana

Prepare to rock! That’s rock, not rawk. Raging Speedhorn are the only accessible death metal bandaround. "The Gush" is their first single from their forthcoming newalbum; reminiscent of Nirvana’sNevermind, in that this is obviously a very heavy band equipped with a very poppy single. It shouldgo straight to number one! Not that you can make out much of the lyrics, but this is as it should be."The Gush" contains riffs and screams that rap along nicely. This sounds a bit like the death metal parodies off Faith NoMore’s King for a Day, Fool for a Lifetime album. Distorted voices proclaim"You see me pacify life," before the cyclical riffs crush us."Thumper" is included from their first album and a live version of"High Whore" rounds out the single. "Thumper" shows they have always written incredibly heavyand catchy songs, while the live track is a warning of decapitating heads at their gigs. This band is one of the only metal bands I’ve heard ina long time which could be the heir to great British Heavy Metal bands like Black Sabbath or LedZeppelin. From the estates of Corby, Speedhorn will rip up the competition atOzzfest. When I bought this from the record store the cashier said in hushed tones"A little bit of Raging Speedhorn. They played it in the shop once. Haven’t heard it again. It’s a shame, it’s a greattune." Sign of the devil!

1. The Gush
2. Thumper
3. High Whore (live)