Raging Speedhorn We Will Be Dead Tomorrow

[ZTT; 2002]

Rating: 4/5

Styles: heavy metal, hard rock
Others: Biohazard, Faith No More, Nirvana

We Will Be Dead Tommorrow the new album landed right on my unemployed ass. "The Hate Song" storms over all over the releases metal this year. No messing around here. These are grind core anthems. Cyclical vocals swirl around the heaviest riffs since Slayer. It’s all here from beginning to end. What sets this apart from other bands is the right balance of metal credibility and pop hooks. Well songs, really-- and great production. Clichés are probably just around the corner, but you don’t really care if this sound so unselfconsciously great. "We Are the Chonic Youth" with the chorus of "We will be dead tomorrow, all I really want is a good smoke" is a calling to arms which this old man can still appreciate. Motorhead might be suing, though. This song is a great great song. "You say you love to party, bullshit you know don’t, Getting high and kicking ass, we’re gonna drink some more alcohol, whisky and wine!"  C’mon, what more do want! And there’s humor on "You and Me Man": "Ate so much I nearly died!"  It’s just unrelentingly heavy and the songs just keep coming. An apocalyptic funeral march is as close as you get to a ballad. It's rolling and sinking. But as I said before, it has enough production and pop ounce to save it from saddo metal dustbin. And their British and truly follow in the wake of great N.W.O.B. H. M. And by the time track six ("No take me, no you rape me, fuck the evil inside, conversations left behind, the discovery, the discovery") is gutting you alive, there’s still "Fuck the Voodoo Man" and "Ride with the Devil" to keep you up at night. Whip-cracking-floozie-way-out-of-control.

1. The Hate Song
2. Scrapin' the Resin
3. Me and You Man
4. Scaramanga
5. Chronic Youth
6. Iron Cobra
7. Heartbreaker
8. Fuck the Voodooman
9. Spitting Blood
10. Welcome to Shitsville
11. Ride With the Devil