Supergrass Untitled

[Captiol; 1999]

Rating: 4/5

Styles: Britpop, punk-pop
Others: T. Rex, Pulp, Super Furry Animals, Weezer, Blur

As time ticks, it's only natural for people to become more mature. We start to think more seriously, and in return, start to live life more seriously. For rock musicians, the word mature either refers to the point where they trade in their distortion pedals for acoustic guitars or the musicians simply become smarter with their instruments. Supergrass falls into the latter category with their latest untitled album. Yes, they've lost the bite that characterized their previous efforts, yet the snotty attitude is definitely still buried beneath the delayed guitars and alien noises. At times the album can be down-to-earth ("Your Love", "Pumping On Your Stereo") and then all of a sudden they seem out-of-this world with songs such as"Eon" and the beautiful epic "Far Away". The mixing of these songs work to varying degrees, but when something works -- it works flawlessly and showcases some of Supergrass' most intimate moments. If anything, this untitled album provides a glimpse into Supergrass' fragile soul that has been hidden from us since they muscled their way onto the scene in 1993.

1. Moving
2. Your Love
3. What Went Wrong (In Your Head)
4. Beautiful People
5. Shotover Hill
6. Eon
7. Mary
8. Jesus Came from Outta Space
9. Pumping on Your Stereo
10. Born Again
11. Far Away
12. Mama & Papa