Tangiers Hot New Spirits

[Sonic Unyon; 2003]

Rating: 4.5/5

Styles: indie rock, garage rock revival
Others: The Rolling Stones, The Strokes, The Libertines

Halfway through their debut album, Tangiers' bassist James Sayce asks us “Ca va cool?.” After listening to Hot New Spirits, I enthusiastically respond, Oui! Tangiers C’est tres cool! Toronto-based Tangiers bursts through the speakers with the 1-2 punch of “Red Stone Rocks” and “Keep the Living Bodies Warm” and rarely let-up during this 13 song, 32 minute attack. The energy, style and attitude on Hot New Spirits helps to create an engaging personality and feel to the record. Frontmen Josh Reichmann (guitar), Yuri Didrichsons (guitar) and James Sayce (bass) trade off lead-vocal duties throughout the album, creating an exciting and immensely enjoyable ride with melodies and hooks around every corner. “Return to the Ship” displays Tangiers new-wave side complete with keyboards and some vocal harmonizing. On “One Thousand Hands” Tangiers fittingly kicks-off the track with some handclaps before Josh Reichann swaggers through a half-spoken, half-sung verse over more handclaps. Tangiers hardly relies on attitude though and as such Hot New Spirits doesn’t have a bad track in the bunch. There’s no filler at the end of the album as Yuri Didrichsons leads the boys though the hypnotic march of “Kiss my Lips” on track eleven and the album closes with the manic stutter of “Situation”. Hot New Spirits certainly reminds me of how refreshing Rock 'n Roll can be it is when played with some passion and intensity. An impressive debut indeed!

1. Red Stone Rocks
2. Keep The Living Bodies Warm
3. Here Come The Pieces
4. Return To The Ship
5. Shocked
6. Shoestrings
7. Anxiety
8. Ca Va Cool
9. One Thousand Hands
10. Eyes Shut
11. Kiss My Lips
12. Broken Leaf
13. Situation