Tangiers Never Bring You Pleasure

[Sonic Unyon; 2004]

Styles: indie rock, garage rock revival
Others: The Rolling Stones, The Strokes, The Libertines

Let me make a prophecy: Tangiers' newest album, Never Bring You Pleasure, will likely be loved or hated by its own fans. Following the tremendous buzz from 2003's Hot New Spirits, Tangiers have suffered a loss of half of their members, rebuilding a new foursome ready to mimic the popularity of their debut record. Unfortunately, the focus and drive of the band has slightly changed with these alterations, leading to a more diverse and dissimilar offering from the new Tangiers. And with that comes the ultimate choice for the fans of the band: choose to accept and adapt to Tangiers new sound or dismiss them as another garage rock revival one-hit wonder.

Never Bring You Pleasure is not without its brilliant moments; the songs are ultimately very well executed, drawing up resemblance to performers like Joel Plaskett and Of Montreal, to name a few. The raw energy of their debut record is evident and convincing on tracks like "Walk Run Walk" and "Ro-Ro Roland," the albums first single and standout track. While the garage rock attack and influence of their debut album peaks only occasionally, Tangiers have accepted its transition to '60s pop inspiration. Songs like "Tropical Ceremony" and "Your Colour" impersonate and meld fields of pop perfection through and through. Another highlight of the album is that most of the songs have doubled in length compared to Hot New Spirits, clocking at up to five minutes long. What identifies this statement as remarkable is that Tangiers' intensity remains intact throughout most of the songs on the record. Hot New Spirits' secret success was that it was quick and affective with its persuasion and clatter. Although Never Bring You Pleasure doesn't hold as many forcible songs, it manages to appear as relevant and appropriate.

Like mentioned previously, Never Bring You Pleasure is a double-edge sword for Tangiers. The success of the past may haunt the deduction of this album due to its apparent transitional phase. Yet, Tangiers shows promise and executes its new sound with accomplished aptitude.

1. Love Rackets
2. I Don't Love You
3. Spine to Necklace
4. Walk Run Walk
5. Bone To Match the Heart
6. Ro Ro Roland
7. Energy Jaws
8. Tropical Ceremony
9. I Wanna Go Out
10. Your Colour
11. I've Been Calling
12. We're So Breathless