Ween quebec

[Sanctuary; 2003]

Rating: 4.5/5

Styles: indie pop, every musical style possible
Others: Flaming Lips, Super Furry Animals, Frank Zappa

I HATE Ween. Now before you move on to the next review, I must explain why Ween exorcizes my inner most hatred and detestation. Perhaps it is their idiosyncrasies or recording hi-jinx that portray their lives as drug-induced party animals. Perhaps it’s the fact that they recently got all of the indie press about a simple and ridiculous song that they wrote about pizza. Or maybe it’s the fact that the brothers Ween have more talent and aptitude in their little pinkies than I and my friends do collectively. The point is that whether you hear about their new experiment taking Viagra and recording in a phone booth or singing the theme song for Chubby Meat By-Products, Ween have built an impressive career releasing one great album after another since 1987. And Ween’s latest, quebec, is no exception to their repertoire.

quebec kicks off in grand fashion churning out your favourite hair-metal riff on “It’s Gonna Be A Long Night”. The beat turns to a Beck-ish/N.W.A. hip-hop ode on “Among His Tribe” that shocks and makes you giggle excessively at the same time. “Tried and True” is a lazy alt. country song that exemplifies a more mellow and smooth lyrical performance. “So Many People In My Neighbourhood” dabbles in the electronica sub-genre of dance. “Hey There Fancypants” belongs on a children’s record with its happy lyrics and up-tempo swing. So far, I’ve mentioned the first five songs of quebec and every song is unusually, yet expectedly different. And that is what makes me extremely jealous and discontent of Ween and their incredible and inconceivable talent. The album continues in the same fashion throughout, experimenting with pop, psychedelia, punk, and a plethora of other styles, creating innovative and refreshing songs that are pleasant to listen to over and over again. The jagged flow of the record may be constrictive but overall, the album is cohesive in its disorder.

Ween’s quebec may be the most versatile record that the band has created in the last 16 years. One thing is for sure, Ween is extremely talented and this album exemplifies that explicitly. Perhaps quebec is a perfect example of the musical approach of Ween throughout their long and successful career. If you are new to the Ween experience, quebec is a good place to start. Just don’t be surprised when you start loathing them for being one of indie music’s most talented bands. <

1. It's gonna be a long night
2. Among his tribe
3. Tried and true
4. So many people in the neighbourhood
5. Captain
6. Hey there fancy pants
7. Happy colored marbles
8. I don't want it
9. Chocolate town
10. Transdermal celebration
11. The fucked jam
12. Zoloft
13. The argus
14. If you could save yourself (you'd saved us all)
15. Alcan road

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