Weezer The Lion and the Witch [EP]

[Geffen; 2002]

"...words cannot speak unless they are told. you can never know the excitement i owned when i saw the weezers. i had so good good so GOOD GOOD time. i like mr. pat drum. he is very good american drum man. maybe next show i bring mom to show her american rock not so bad. weezer have make my life feel like nicely. the crowd cheer so loud and i know that was best memory i own. big =w= light and my eye open big. i never see =w= so big before!!! it was best!!!!! i thank the weezer for best night. the the rivers i say 'konichiwa' :o). -skl"

...as is printed on the inside of the CD booklet. That's where 1.5 of the points come from, the Japanese fan letters. The great tracklist is another  .1 points. The cover art, another .1. The rest are because I miscalculated the score. It's a limited edition live EP featuring six live tracks from shows in Japan last May. This album sounds so unbelievably bad. It sounds like a 7th grade cover band whose name is something like Argyle Llama. I don't know if the band was drunk or what during these performances. The recording quality is terrible. An audience recording  would have sounded better than the shitty mix job done on this CD. Did the band release this just to scratch off another needed release for their contract with Geffen? I am really wondering if the band released this to be funny. Yeah, laugh, it is funny. Joke's on me. This is the worst thing I've ever spent $6.99 on.

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