Woven Hand Consider the Birds

[Sounds Familyre; 2004]

Rating: 1/5

Styles: alt-country, bluegrass, Appalachian gothic, Americana
Others: Sixteen Horsepower, Dock Boggs, Lilium, Tom Waits, Nick Cave

David Eugene Edwards, Woven Hand, should have titled this album Consider the Christ, because, minus the first track, he speaks nothing of anything else, including birds and I think he was even talking about Jesus on that track too. It's rather hard to talk about Consider the Birds, moreover, to think of anything to say about it, but a 1 out of 5 most likely deserves an explanation. The music itself is a rather interesting take on what could be considered somewhat of an Americana-Irish Folk feel for many of the tracks. On the whole, it's a rather slow paced album, which adds instrumentation rather than speeding things up to compound the intensity of the lyrics and vocals. The instrumentation is an excellent starting point and Edwards and crew should be commended for their work. Edwards voice is unique and his delivery is emotional and expressive. However, with the Christ hugging lyrics and message, listening to this album is somewhat like being beaten over the head with Jesus' bat. You are either going to try and do something to stop it or you are going to plain pass out. It may be rough to give the music and the vocals fairly good marks while giving the album on the whole a bad review merely based on the message, but that's just how she goes. Consider the Birds may be David Eugene Edwards ticket into heaven, if you believe in that sort of thing; however, listeners will only be given a ticket to a creepy show that is just way too intense to be taken seriously by those who care nothing of other worldly adventures. Even for the devout Xtian, the lyrics may be too intense and abstract for enjoyment.

1. Sparrow Falls
2. Bleary Eyed Duty
3. To Make a Ring
4. Off the Cuff
5. Chest of Drawers
6. Oil on Panel
7. The Speaking Hands
8. Down in Yon Forest
9. Tin Finger
10. Into the Piano

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