Woven Hand Mosaic

[Sounds Familyre; 2006]

Rating: 3/5

Styles: alt-country, bluegrass, Appalachian gothic, Americana
Others: Sixteen Horsepower, Dock Boggs, Lilium, Tom Waits, Nick Cave

This is by far the darkest Christian album I've ever heard. David Eugene Edwards (Sixteen Horsepower) may say "hallelujah," but his music speaks of the conviction of a man who knows hell. After you hear the ominous Mediterranean tongues epic "Slota Prow-Full Armour," you will know it too. Mosaic ain't no Sunday school picnic. There is more to be had than a theology lesson. With hints of strings, banjo, and piano, this is a shining exploration of post-folk power. I'm not a big God fan, so the lyrics can go a little over-the-top for me, like on the Eternal Creator Of The World-written "Twig," but the dense, motivated, moody music produced by Edwards is more than enjoyable in its own right. Any karmic deity would be done proud by this album.

1. Breathing Bull
2. Winter Shaker
3. Swedish Purse
4. Twig
5. Whistling Girl
6. Elktooth
7. Bible And Bird
8. Dirty Blue
9. Slota Prow-Full Armour
10. Truly Golden
11. Deerskin Doll
12. Little Raven

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