Merzbow to reissue Merzbient box set on Merzvinyl

Merzbow to reissue Merzbient box set on Merzvinyl

I know that you think you own a bunch of Merzbow and, most likely, you do own a bunch of Merzbow. We all know how prolific the Japanese music legend is; for example, the 50 CD Merzbox package (which I own and still haven’t listened to in its entirety), or the 13 Japanese Birds box, or the dozens and dozens of other albums that Merzbow has released. However, the one thing that I (and most likely most other Merzbow fans) don’t have is Merzbow on vinyl — at least, not that much of it.

That all changes on September 10, though, as Soleilman will be reissuing the Merzbient box set as an 18-record, double-box, jizz-inducing collection. Originally released in 2010 on CD (ewww), the collection features recordings from the 1980s and 1990s with some material having never seen the light of day, not even on the CD version.

For those not familiar with me (Kid Midnight) my birthday is on September 19 and I know you want to get me a present. Please make it this.

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