Pack all your sorrows in a box: Death Cab for Cutie to release box set of albums [News Article]

Now you have a reason to go: ATP confirms first bands for Deerhunter and TV On The Radio weekends [News Article]

Ariel Pink’s 1998 musique concrète project Trash and Burn to be reissued despite lack of haunting or graffitti [News Article]

I.C.P. sues F.B.I. over slanderous claims that Faygo isn't really soda [News Article]

Universal assimilates EMI's entire recorded music division; resistance is futile! [News Article]

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Charles Manson releases album of unreleased material; "Most people won't like it," says person who released it [News Article]

Lil Wayne sues Quincy Jones III over illegal use of Lil Wayne music [News Article]

Royal Trux reissue Accelerator on Drag City, because it's their best album [News Article]

Trail of Dead announce new album and share new song about the trail of dead in Syria [News Article]

Old Man Gloom announce first West Coast tour after a very gloomy decade away [News Article]

Lily Allen is no longer Lily Allen, starts work on third LP [News Article]

The Flaming Lips' Yoshimi musical premiering in November; Wayne Coyne drops acid and says "those guys in The Flaming Lips are geniuses" [News Article]

Google takes further steps to control your internet experience by altering search rankings based on copyright infringement [News Article]

Circle Jerks caught on film circle jerking, documentary to be released in September [News Article]

Jay-Z reveals his techie side and executive produces NBA 2K13 [News Article]

OM postpone August tour after (non-tragic) skateboarding accident [News Article]

Spin Magazine announces layoffs, reshuffling as print media continues its death rattle [News Article]

Merzbow to reissue Merzbient box set on Merzvinyl [News Article]

The Power of the Riff Festival (West Coast Division) adds more power, a little sunn 0))) to lineup [News Article]