Actress heads up 49th edition of DJ-Kicks, heads straight into the bird matrix

Actress heads up 49th edition of DJ-Kicks, heads straight into the bird matrix

What does Actress know about the bird matrix!? Actress (a.k.a. Darren Cunningham), electronic musician behind previous TMT favorites Ghettoville and RIP, knows more than any man was perhaps meant to know about this mysterious matrix for avian life. And, damn it, I wanna know about this bird matrix!

I’m sorry, I’ve gotten ahead of myself. Actress has been tapped by !K7 to put together the 49th edition of their DJ-Kicks series, which will be released May 4. “I’ve tried to keep space between tracks, allowing them to speak,” Cunningham said. “I tried not to force BPM shifts and to let the programming remain choppy and quick.”

Though featuring tracks from Lorenzo Senni, Autechre, Mark Fell, and more, the mix perhaps most intriguingly features an unreleased track from Actress, recorded after he finished Ghettoville. And that track is titled… “Bird Matrix.” What is the bird matrix? Where is the bird matrix? And how can I get to the bird matrix? I would like to be there.

DJ Kicks tracklist:

01. Breaker 1 2 – 2
02. Lorenzo Senni – Elegant, and Never Tiring
03. Reel by Real – Look At Me
04. Autechre – Pen Expers
05. Chameleon – Thought 2
06. Beneath – Stress 1
07. Simbiosi – Impari
08. Zennor – Tin
09. John Beltran – Anticipation
10. Moon B – Those Moments
11. STL – Psychelicious
12. Snakepiss – Toil
13. Shit and Shine – Pearl Drop
14. Chez n Trent – Windy City Club
15. Mark Fell – Section 1-7
16. GNESIS – Pear
17. Shxcxchcxsh – LDWGWTT
18. Hank Jackson – Track 3
19. Actress – Bird Matrix (DJ-Kicks)
20. Gherkin Jerks – Red Planet

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