ADR announces new all-vocal release THROAT on PAN

ADR announces new all-vocal release THROAT on PAN
THROAT artwork by Alex Gvojic

Seems like every year right around this time, Bill Kouligas rolls by my house with his juiced-up Camaro and says, “Hop inside, idiot — where we’re going, we don’t need roads” or some other combination of half-correct movie quotes. It’s a weird way of letting me know that his label PAN is about to drop a bunch of sweet new releases, but I’m into it.

Anyway, this year it’s no different: most recently we’ve heard tell of a brand new all-vocal-sounds release called THROAT from ADR (a.k.a. Aaron David Ross) dropping digitally this month. This release comes in the wake of upcoming new ones from Heatsick’s Steven Warwick and from mastering mastermind Rashad Becker.

THROAT follows Deceptionista, the excellent SD-card-and-interactive-web-experience release from the end of last year. But where that album found Ross pulling in all manner of sonic ephemera, THROAT’s approach is a bit more focused. The release re-purposes and re-contextualizes “vocal fragments from everywhere to collage a choral congregation of singing servers.” Classically trained, Ross pulls together pop sensibilities with contemporary art practice into a sense-smearing sonic experience. If any of that sounds appealing to you, well then, friendo, Kouligas and I have already got the pleather seat warmed up for ya in shotgun. Join us.

THROAT is out on November 25 on PAN.

THROAT tracklisting:

01. Every Node
02. Lost Ya
03. King David
04. No Sweat
05. Advice
06. Severance
07. Effort
08. U Never

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