Air Texture announces new country-based compilation series, Colombia and Georgia get first dibs on semi-ambient sounds

Air Texture announces new country-based compilation series, Colombia and Georgia get first dibs on semi-ambient sounds

Air Texture started out as a label dedicated to delivering life-saving ambient music to children internationally. But after six compilations and a total of 12 artist curators between them, suddenly the Kompakt-affiliated imprint is seeing it fit to advocate on behalf something that does more than just adequately supplant medicine for high blood pressure. (Let’s look forward to the day when those Air Texture releases are consumed on a goddamn UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE level, as that would undoubtedly mean the immediate onset of world peace and unsolicited high-fives for everyone.)

Air Texture acknowledges the existence of various international crises, so their new music series is designed to showcase electronic flavors from various countries, while allowing artists from those countries to highlight the social causes that they feel are important.

The place: series begins with two releases on June 1. place: colombia was curated by the Medellín-based DJ, Juliana Cuervo, while place: georgia was curated by Giorgi Iakobidze and Sandro Mezurnishvili, who apparently have keen sense of what’s going on in the electronic music scene in Tbilisi. At least for the Colombia showcase, expect something low-key but certainly not ambient on the whole.

Notably, all proceeds from the place: compilations going forward will be donated to local human rights groups. How cool for everyone involved! Learn more and pre-order each of these first two volumes here, and stream samples from each new compilation down below:

place : colombia tracklisting:

01. The Baker - Voices of Latam
02. Adriana Lopez - KWL
03. Rodolfo Alzate - Ecosistema
04. Marea - La Ola
05. Juanpablo - Hormiga en Línea
06. Julio Victoria - Glare
07. Junn - Art. 104a
08. Gladkazuka - Parte Una
09. Aleja Sanchez - Cassiopeia
10. Merino - Silence No More
11. Federico Goes - Hover

place: georgia tracklisting:

01. MVMNT - Unseen
02. YT - Everyday
03. Hanker - Private Turmoil
04. Berika - Option One and Two
05. Mess Montage - Keys Of Rome
06. Greenbeam & Leon - Destructive Future
07. Benvol - Parallel Life
08. Kohf - Kob 1.0
09. Natalie Beridze - Before Sail
10. SSeq - In a Blue Funk
11. Boyd Schidt & Uvall - Drama
12. Nikakoi - Meta

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