Steve Hauschildt and BNJMN curate the next installment of musical whispers, Air Texture Volume IV

Steve Hauschildt and BNJMN curate the next installment of musical whispers, Air Texture Volume IV

Hauschildt and BNJMN — like Timon and Pumbaa, except they aren’t the potential victims of numerous hungry carnivores, so they can afford to take the phrase “no worries” to extremely enjoyable heights! You’re likely more familiar with the long-running Kompakt compilation series Pop Ambient, but what started in 2011 was something a bit more innovative than your run-of-the-mill label showcasing. Air Texture is apparently a label offshoot of Kompakt, but so far it’s been dedicated exclusively to the release of the Air Texture dual albums — where two chosen artists are tasked (on their respective discs) with keeping to the stated mission: “to present a diverse array of electronic music that is not dance floor oriented.” You probably have some sense of what this means. Now close your eyes.

No wait! Open them again. Air Texture Volume IV has just been announced, and this time Steve Hauschildt (formerly of Emeralds), alongside the typically dancefloor-oriented BNJMN will be doing the honors after Deadbeat and DJ Olive regaled with last year’s stunning edition. Obviously, Hauschildt has personal expertise in “air textures” himself, but it’ll be interesting to hear BNJMN’s take on things. Techno and/or house seem to be at his heart.

Out November 3. Here’s some commentary from the curators themselves, and here’s the tracklisting:

Disc 1 (selected by Steve Hauschildt):

01. Steve Hauschildt - Watertowers
02. Mirror to Mirror - Crush Ambien
03. Le Révélateur - Another (Terminal)
04. Heathered Pearls - In Memory Form
05. Jonathan Fitoussi - Impressions
06. Pulse Emitter - Border Crossing
07. Dino Spiluttini - The Hostile Sea
08. Günter Schlienz - Dust
09. Forest Management - Remote Rail Ex
10. Event Cloak - One or Twice
11. Sarah Davachi - as the morning
12. Steve Hauschildt - Pismo

Disc 2 (selected by BNJMN):

01. BNJMN - The Gloom / Lovelight
02. Lukid - The Air You Breathe
03. Brighton - Sendme
04. Teebs - Whirling 84
05. Samoyed & Sam Playford-Greenwell - Bullocks Running
06. Legowelt - Vanished In Tromso
07. Best Available Technology - Sectomy
08. The Hers - Mindy
09. Vaghe Stelle - Sante
10. Herva - Seaside
11. BNJMN - Forgive
12. Hieroglyphic Being - Rumori Circostanti di Melody Pops & Clic & Silenzio

Digital Bonus

01. Alex Smoke - Cosm
02. Heathered Pearls - Pacific Summits (Pulse Version)

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