ANAMAI premiere new track “Some State” from forthcoming album WHAT MOUNTAIN

ANAMAI premiere new track "Some State" from forthcoming album WHAT MOUNTAIN
Photo: Jennifer Warne

The last time Anna Mayberry and David “Egyptrixx” Psutka teamed up as ANAMAI, it resulted in Sallows, arguably one of the best records of 2015. So, fans of great records (or at least, fans of arguing), get ready — because they’re arguably about to give you another one.

WHAT MOUNTAIN continues ANAMAI’s journey into the eerie, moss-shrouded, primitive 3D forest of their own design, where the roads of folk songwriting and minimal electronics intersect. Today, we are excited to premiere album track “Some State,” the album’s plaintive, epic guitar-driven centerpiece, and which also sounds like it was recorded inside of a thunder cloud.

As their press notes memorably put it: “WHAT MOUNTAIN is an unburdening of experience on a blank template // the imaginary mountain is an empty framework for distinct personal memories.” Where, we wonder, is this imaginary mountain? Our guess is within oneself, or hidden under a mysterious fog (or maybe obscured by a separate, possibly also imaginary, mountain).

In any case, the map to finding it is surely found within the album itself, which will grace the physical world on April 28 (as both a digital and a vinyl mountain) via Halocline Trance. While you’re waiting, stream “Some State” below. As many times as you want. (Really.)

WHAT MOUNTAIN tracklisting:

01. The Choss
02. Crossing
03. Hailstorm
04. Midwin
05. Air to Blood
06. Returned
07. Some State
08. Brother Green, Sister Blue
09. Sun Saw

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