Egyptrixx announces new album as Ceramic TL with Turkish artist Ipek Gorgun, Perfect Lung

Egyptrixx announces new album as Ceramic TL with Turkish artist Ipek Gorgun, Perfect Lung
Photo: May Truong

“Our legacy is trash…stray objects inside the perfect lung”

Ceramic TL (a.k.a. Egyptrixx a.k.a. David Psutka) and Turkish composer Ipek Gorgun have joined forces for a collaborative album that captures the coming together of a psychedelic electronic noise-maker (Psutka) and the precise compositions of a musician that is completing a doctoral program of Sonic Arts (yes that degree exists!) (Gorgun). The results as captured on the forthcoming Perfect Lung are the logical output of the intriguing combination of these two fiercely individual inputs.

Captured from material sounds recorded in the disparate locales of Toronto, Ankara and Istanbul, this record of “accidental music” is a mind-bending collection in which “moments of clarity glint through piles of junk; total quantity mimics eruptions of precious material – an unrealistic examination of the concept of material value as defined by its relative scarcity…this album is a lot.”

Halocline Trance have the honors of discombobulating your ear holes with this album on November 24, but you can also pre-order now on digital and 12-inch white vinyl, the latter of which features “original artwork by Marlen Keller and design by Olenka Szymonski.” (FYI, too: all those pre-orders also include a cassette copy of Ceramic TL’s 2016 debut Sign of the Cross Every Mile to the Border.)

Meanwhile, speaking of “accidental music,” feel free to unwittingly stumble upon the album’s misty opening inhalation, “tactics is hench,” right down below. Like: whoa, where’d THIS come from!?

Perfect Lung tracklisting:

01. tactics is hench
02. activator, the actualizer
03. we lack the clout the decision isn’t ours to make, there was no crusade after all
04. the story of our salvation
05. magnitude of oblivion, refrain of pacific calm
06. aerosol tropics
07. perfect lung polymer earth
08. we were big they were small, we used to be crucial

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