Anthony Child back with more from the Maui Jungle for Editions Mego

Anthony Child back with more from the Maui Jungle for Editions Mego

Anthony Child’s Electronic Recordings from Maui Jungle, Vol. 1 is the gift that keeps on giving, its mesmerizing infinitudes full of subtle reminders to stop, listen, and just be. But while I use its messages as ontological support for doing nothing with my life, Anthony Child is doing many things, such as going back to that Maui jungle — if he ever really went — and recording another slice of Buchla zen in its depths.

Vol. 2, recorded nearly a year after Vol. 1, is out December 9 on Editions Mego. It is Child’s second full-length of the year after the industrial techno of From Farthest Known Objects, which he released under his more widely recognized Surgeon moniker.

Compare the song titles there to those on Vol. 2: “EGS-zs8-1” vs. “Truth is Healing”; “ULAS J1120+0641” vs. “Cellular Reintegration.” Maybe the comparison is no more instructive than the simple fact that he releases music under multiple names, but Child’s focused explorations unpack existence from opposing poles, suggesting a kind of openness in truth-seeking that we would all do well to adopt.

Electronic Recordings from Maui, Vol. 2 tracklist:

01. Open Channeling
02. Truth Is Healing
03. Old Technology
04. I Remember
05. Amoré
06. Nine Personality Type Map
07. Colonisation
08. Super Sacred Sunday
09. A Nightfall Of Diamonds
10. Relational Constellations
11. Cellular Reintegration
12. Wyatt’s Inspection
13. 5000 Spirits
14. Farthest Known Object

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