Anthony Child (Surgeon) imagines extra-galactic pop on From Farthest Known Objects

Anthony Child (Surgeon) imagines extra-galactic pop on From Farthest Known Objects
Photo: Ali Wade

Thanks, Anthony! Looks like Mr. Child, a.k.a. Surgeon, saw the perfect opportunity to drop news of a new album in the cataclysmic cultural fallout from our very recent 4.5/5 review of his latest record, Electronic Recordings from Maui Jungle Vol. 1. You’re smart Anthony, you’re very smart — in fact, you’re a genius!

And the concept for the new album certainly pays testament to that. From Farthest Known Objects, which will come way of his own Dynamic Tension label on January 29, documents Child’s experiments with “old and unlikely hardware,” which, rather than synthesizing sound, “allowed me to tune into transmissions from Distant Galaxies. The music I could hear was actually the received transmissions of Pop Hits from those Distant Galaxies that were being played on their radio stations.” You may say pshaw! but one can trust a man with such extensive modular experience to judge properly when a sound is extraordinary.

To boot, Child brought on astrophysicist and guitarist Dr. Andrew Read to assist in determining which galaxies these transmissions may have been arriving from. The two collaborated a number of years back on the drone-y, rather Gregorian Guitar Treatments suite.

Check the immense physicality of the first single below, followed by the unordered tracklist/list of broadcasting galaxies.

From Farthest Known Objects tracklist:

ULAS J1120+0641
A1703 zD6

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