Antifrost to release new “medieval terror film” soundtrack Hagazussa by MMMD (fka Mohammed)

Antifrost to release new "medieval terror film" soundtrack Hagazussa by MMMD (fka Mohammed)

Boy, I can honestly say that I’ve never (ever) seen a “medieval terror film” before. But at least now I sure know what one SOUNDS like!

The pious, god-fearing folks at Antifrost have just announced that they’ll be releasing the latest album by Greek chamber doom trio MMMD (fka Mohammad). Entitled Hagazussa, the band’s latest bubbling cauldron of ultra-low frequency drones, creepy whispers, ominously bowed strings, and tormented incantations also served as the original soundtrack for Lukas Feigelfeld’s 2017 “slow-burning gothic horror movie” Hagazussa – A Heathen’s Curse.

In case you’re worried that there won’t be any good singles on the album, the accompanying press release assures us that the music contained on Hagazussa “is absorbing, emotional and powerful as ever and bears MMMD’s familiar idiosyncratic universe galvanized in their previous releases, while open to new sonic territories that reflect the film’s constant state of dread as well as key elements such as trauma, isolation, anxiety and delusion.”

Check out the official video for the bleak-yet-strangely-cathartic album segment “Hagazussa madichon” down below, and pre-order what’s likely to be your first (and maybe last?) vinyl LP of heathen curses right here. Hagazussa is out September 14.

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