Arp announces new album Zebra on Mexican Summer, gets technicolor on new single “Fluorescences”

Arp announces new album Zebra on Mexican Summer, gets technicolor on new single "Fluorescences"
Photo: Shawn Brackbill

Ever look at a zebra up close? I mean: REALLY LOOK AT one? Weird-ass animals. Half gorgeous white stallion, half black mule/donkey mutant…kinda prim, kinda mangy…the things are just walking-contradictions all across the board.

Which is probably exactly why the mind of minimalism’s favorite maximalist Arp — a.k.a. Alexis Georgopoulos — was fixated on these contradictory animals when working on his latest album of rhythm-driven ambient for Mexican Summer.

Due out June 22 and entitled Zebra, Georgopoulos’s fifth full-length album is described as “a post-everything symbiosis of ancient to future psychotropics, emphasizing points of connectivity between far-flung traditions [and] disrupting outdated boundaries between musical traditions, hierarchies and genre politics.”

Employing a diverse zoo of analog synths, upright basses, electric pianos, flutes, electronic and acoustic drum kits, and various destabilizing time- and pitch-shifters, Zebra’s 11 constituent tracks do indeed comprise a pretty damned zebra-like imitation: fusing past and present, shimmering ambient and lockstep kosmiche, psychedelic jazz and 80’s pop — and smushing all those opposites neatly together into the body of one wild little animal.

But enough of all this double-talk and all these black and white lines, already. Pre-order Zebra right over here and scope out its first taste — the pulsing, shimmering, deep-sea dance party “Flourescences” — right down below. No more contradictions, I swear.

Zebra tracklisting:

01. Halflight Visions
02. Nzuku
03. Flourescences
04. Folding Water
05. Foam
06. Parallelism
07. Moving Target
08. A Clearing
09. Ozu
10. Reading A Wave
11. Fiji

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