Round up your alien friends and pass that doobie… Arp releasing cosmic new EP on Mexican Summer

Round up your alien friends and pass that doobie... Arp releasing cosmic new EP on Mexican Summer

Space is a terrifying place, filled with existential angst, possible aliens, and dead wives who reappear to mess with your conceptions of reality. (Solaris nerd joke, sorry not sorry.)

But not in the music of Arp. The man behind Arp, Alexis Georgopoulos, makes spaced-out cosmic psych pop that sounds like smokin’ a doobie on one of Saturn’s rings with a friendly alien, who gives the peace sign a lot and has a “Keep Austin Weird” bumper sticker on his spaceship. His space IS the place, a warm fuzzy wonderful place. Last year he released the album MORE by himself, but this year he wanted to invite some human friends into the studio and kick out some jams together because friendship is great.

The result is Pulsars e Quasars, a new EP dropping September 23 via Mexican Summer; pre-order here. Fun fact: Georgopoulos is also a music writer specializing in pop and avant-garde music, and has written for i-D, V, ANP Quarterly, BOMB, The Fader, and Vice. Listen to the title track and read the tracklist below:

Pulsars e Quasars tracklist:

01. Suns
02. Pulsars e Quasars
03. Chromatiques (Extended Mix)
04. UHF1
05. On Returning
06. The Violet Hour (Film Dub)
07. Persuasion (Version by Le Révélateur)

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