ATP event curated by Drive Like Jehu cancelled

ATP event curated by Drive Like Jehu cancelled

If you follow news relating to the various ATP festivals, then you know the reason hundreds of people are occasionally found to be sighing or bowing their heads simultaneously: event cancellations. Jim O’Rourke, for example, was all set to perform Eureka at his personally curated event in Tokyo four years ago, but then the event was postponed and eventually cancelled due to anti-climactic reasons concerning “low ticket sales” and “the venue’s availability and scheduling problems with artists.” You need only to google the proper search terms in order to find several other examples of ATP building hopes up and then regrettably squashing them, like parents not coming up with the funds for a promised trip to Disney World.

Now, British fans of Drive Like Jehu have been sent crying under their Mickey Mouse ears, as the band’s scheduled curation of an event this weekend at Victoria Warehouse in Manchester, which would’ve included their first performance in the UK since 1994, has been cancelled due to what ATP describes as a “lack of financial viability.” Drive Like Jehu describe it via Facebook as ATP founder Barry Hogan “not honoring his agreement with many of the bands,” who were “not canceling, but rather did not have the promised means to attend.”

The image accompanying that Facebook post might well sum up DLJ’s thoughts on the subject. Read their candid comments in full here, and if you need a refund, go here.

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