Autechre announce release date for NTS Sessions (a.k.a. eight hours of electronic mind-bendiness)

Autechre announce release date for NTS Sessions (a.k.a. eight hours of electronic mind-bendiness)

Whoever coined the phrase “too much of a good thing” clearly did so before tasting Red Lobster’s renowned Cheddar Bay Biscuits.

On an unrelated note: legendary electro-duo Autechre have released a ton of music over the past few years (and there are zero signs of fatigue among fans who’ve grown accustomed to having their brains aurally transported to new, exciting, and possibly epiphanic heights). The deluge arguably started with the sequential release of nine live albums over the course of 2015 (though they were all relatively similar sounding) and continued with the more than four-hour-long studio album elseq in 2016. Then, this year, the duo took up residency at the London-based NTS Radio, where they ultimately recorded over eight hours of brand new music.

Physical box sets of those of NTS Sessions were previously alluded to; and now, at last, Warp and Autechre have coughed up a release date. August 24 is when you’ll be able to purchase your environmentally-deleterious choice of either 12 LPs or 8 CDs (more ecologically-minded digital downloads of the sessions will be available as well). Listen to the NTS sessions here, pre-order them here, and clear your late-August schedule now.

Oh, and just FYI: real AE heads will set aside eight hours to listen to the whole thing. No bathroom breaks allowed. The bladder pressure heightens the experience.

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