Autechre upload 13 hours of video to YouTube, none of which involve CATS :’-(

Autechre upload 13 hours of video to YouTube, none of which involve CATS :'-(

Secrecy on the Internet? Psssht. Nudity-prone celebrities were the last to be disabused of that notion, so Autechre probably weren’t just being clumsy when a link to a 444-video playlist appeared in the “About” section of their Bleep store late last week.

The electronic duo surely knew that the link would be caught by someone with publicity power before the link itself was removed from the page, and just like a collective of musically-inclined Sherlock Holmeses, the staff here at TMT caught that link and is now hard at work linking to and embedding (down below) the complete video playlist that remains uploaded to YouTube.

Before you ask: the visuals are trippy and the music is obscure as hell. Nothing less would be acceptable for two living legends, who have recently made a habit out of seriously attempting to fatigue our ears/nervous system with their mind-bending sounds. (Spoiler alert: we’ll always want more.)

The videos in the playlist were uploaded by user XH HX, and the first video was uploaded on January 20, so apparently this thing has been in the works for a while. Autechre fanpeople will also point out how “444” is the last track on Autechre’s debut album Incunabula, which first came out on Warp Records almost 25 years ago to the day. Don’t you dare call it a coincidence. My horoscope for the month did say that I would experience a “a life-altering moment at hands of an ever-generous Autechre,” after all!


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