Autre Ne Veut announces new album The Age of Transparency

Autre Ne Veut announces new album The Age of Transparency

Here’s some disappointing news for unrealistic X-Men fanatics: NY-based singer-songwriter Autre Ne Veut (Arthur Ashin) doesn’t believe in a gaudy showcasing of his powers, and he hasn’t started levitating from venue to venue courtesy of his own ridiculous lung force, à la Banshee. What could’ve been a financially lucrative lifestyle change, in which Ashin, with a whisper, sends people clear across town for $10 or $20 a pop, has instead been mentally relegated in favor of a couple of old loves, singing and redirecting blood flow to a particular region. The wonderful Anxiety came out back in 2013 to TMT (and otherwise extensive) fanfare, and now, an announcement has been made concerning his next studio venture.

The Age of Transparency is out October 2 on Downtown, and according to Ashin, its premise is the “impossibility” of being totally revealing. “Truth and transparency are just ways to sell things and honesty is its own kind of performance,” he elaborates, stopping short of going full-on Morpheus with professions of the unreliability of human senses. You’ll surely be able to hear the inclusion of electronic instruments though, as that unique complement to Ashin’s dire vocals is definitely returning. Find out more about the album here.

The Age of Transparency is available to pre-order now, which includes a free download of the album’s first single, “World War Pt. 2.” Anyone taking votes for the weirdest (and by extension, coolest) music video of 2015? Check out the Allie Avital-directed video here:

The Age of Transparency tracklisting:

01. On and On (Reprise)
02. Panic Room
03. Cold Winds
04. Age of Transparency
05. Switch Hitter
06. Never Wanted
07. World War Pt. 2
08. Over Now
09. Get Out

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