AyGeeTee releases two new albums, but only one is certified organic

AyGeeTee releases two new albums, but only one is certified organic

Vaguely anonymous beat-happener AyGeeTee has dropped two new collections straight onto Bandcamp. We got fair warning — the producer did announce on Facebook “gonna do this in a minute.” But that minute felt so damn long. Finally, after what literally felt like minutes instead of a minute, Organic Excess hit us like a brick to the face. Seventeen tracks of heavy SoundCloud re-edits, all pay-what-you-want, all AyGeeTee.

Then, damned if I thought it was possible, same thing happened again. Inorganic Excess clawed its way into existence the very next day, this time with an entire day of warning (“tomorro ‘Inorganic Excess’”). Thirteen more tracks, one even looks like a collaboration with fellow Londoner My Panda Shall Fly, all still definitely AyGeeTee.

These two albums follow up the inspirational “cyberfuck” that was Eternity’s Conceit. Both Organic and Inorganic Excess are unlimited, self-released, and self-sufficient; there’s no time frame and no competition. Gonna have to wake up a bit of that long-lost ambition, friend.

Organic Excess:

Inorganic Excess:

• AyGeeTee: https://www.soundcloud.com/agt01

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