Basic Rhythm announces new album On The Threshold on Planet Mu

Basic Rhythm announces new album On The Threshold on Planet Mu

Now that Anthony J Hart has paid musical homage to a London demographic of which he arguably considers/considered himself a part, what’s new for the DJ/producer who has varying genre interests but whose enthusiasm for old-school pirate radio remains well-documented?

Basic Rhythm has certainly been Hart’s project of choice when it comes to conveying more danceable tunes, and wouldn’t you know it, we’re actually getting into the season where rhythmic flailing is socially acceptable outside of the clubs, at any time of day. Hart recognizes the springtime opportunity, so he’s just announced the release of his next Basic Rhythm album, titled On The Threshold. It’s out May 10 on Planet Mu, and early listening suggests that this third full-length as Basic Rhythm continues what we’ve seriously dug from previous efforts, striking a delicate balance between the dance music of old and the modern bent that we all currently love.

Check out the track “Edge of Darkness” below for a heavy taste of the blend, and pre-order if you’re feeling it.

On The Threshold tracklisting:

01. St Fabian Tower
02. Yeah I Like It
03. Slice Neck
04. I Want you
05. A New Consciousness
06. Edge of Darkness
07. Buss It
08. The Kru
09. Fi Di Gal
10. The Light

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