Beastie Respond announces new album Information City, premieres new track “Enter 89” to help get the information flowing

Beastie Respond announces new album Information City, premieres new track "Enter 89" to help get the information flowing
Photo: Daniel Buchwald

Visualize: every data stream, all the torrents, each and every social media network flowing together into one colossal information feed. And then, visualize this overdose of content jacking itself right through your body, the material form fusing with Snapchat into one unending feed of 24 hour stories.

This is the future Tobias Hjornet Pedersen wants — or, at least, the present he sees. On Information City, his second LP as Beastie Respond, the Copenhagen-based producer hijacks the anxieties of the always-uploading/never-not-online experience to craft an album that can feel like power-scrolling one million tabs deep through millennial life. Crazy, often sublime, Pedersen’s neon acid bath of arpeggios, fake trap, and Tangerine Dream zen degrades the border between natural/unnatural, between real/unreal.

Today we are happy to premiere “Enter 89,” one of the more blissful selections from the real/unreal album. Stream it right down below.

Is reality itself a simulation? Probably. But at least on this timeline, we can be reasonably sure that Information City will be available on the real/unreal date of September 1 in the natural/unnatural formats of vinyl and digital, courtesy of the always-great Foul-Up label.

Information City tracklisting:

01. Real Without Origin
02. Lullabies For The Lost And Forgotten
03. We Never Truly Understood The Architecture
04. They Mobilized Ignorance And Slack
05. Enter 89
06. He Used His Bench Lathe To Form His Wooden Sculpture
07. Information City
08. A Good Wisdom
09. Downloaded 4 R. D4Wkins
10. The Truth Hides The Fact That There Is None
11. Never-Present

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