Because The Beatles’ Abbey Road 50th Anniversary Box Set is coming, it turns me o, o-o, o-o-o-o, on

Because The Beatles’ Abbey Road 50th Anniversary Box Set is coming, it turns me o, o-o, o-o-o-o, on
I cannot fucking WAIT to hear how the rest of "Her Majesty" goes!

Well, here we are again, y’all: another year, another hoaky “It Was 50 Years Ago Today” meme and giant, zany, exciting, annoying clusterfuck of a box set to commemorate another “legendary” Beatles album.

And seeing as how The White Album was rolled out late last year, that must mean…hmm, it’s time for the uncannily amazing Abbey Road to get in on some of this madcap, 21st century, post-truth action. Here come ol’ Flat-top, bitches!

As per usual, the Fab Four’s chronologically-official swan song has been mixed all over again by Giles Martin (son of late Beatles Producer George Martin and whatnot) with mix engineer Sam Okell — because it FUCKING SUCKED ASS THE FIRST TIME. The full kit ‘n’ caboodle also comes with 23 additional tracks’ worth of outtake recordings and demos.

There’s a 4xCD collection — complete with “100-page hardcover book” (yay, heavy reading!) with forward by Paul McCartney and intro from Giles, as well as plenty of historical naval-gazing from the likes of Kevin Howlett and an David Hepworth — as well as a 3xLP deluxe vinyl edition, a 2xCD deluxe edition, and of course, a standard one-disc stereo mix edition on CD, LP, and (god help us) picture disc.

Also as per usual, there’s a LOOOOOT more details about this wacky enterprise — which will utterly devastate the world’s paper and plastic resources come September 27 — over at The Beatles’ website (I love saying “The Beatles’ website,” by the way).

Head over there to learn more and/or to pre-order this monster, so that I can stop furiously typing all this and watch some of these carefully-curated promotional vids instead:

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