The Beatles’ singles to be reissued in massive vinyl box set

The Beatles’ singles to be reissued in massive vinyl box set

In the Tiny Mix Tapes offices, Mr P is always teasing me about dropping massive chunks of change on Beatles vinyl reissues. “J-man, why are you throwing down mad coin on something you can stream for free,” P asks. My reply typically goes something like, “Well, Mr P — if that is your real name — remasters enhance the audio quality from the shoddy analog and early digital stone age to a crisp, state of the art sheen. I’d be a fool not to drop $100 for Sgt. Pepper. Vinyl production in 2k19 > vinyl production from the 60s. It’s just science!” It’s a great atmosphere at TMT HQ.

Well, after dropping a hefty box set of Abbey Road, the lovable lads from Liverpool have unveiled another wallet buster in a limited-edition 23 x 7-inch vinyl singles collection(!!!). I’m picturing the TMT end of the year party, where I insist on playing every single for all my colleagues and pointing out how the new mix brings the snare hits on “Love Me Do” front and center. C Monster loves when I get all professorial about the Fab Four.

If this be something you’re into (and I guess folks like my dad DO stumble upon TMT every now and then), pre-orders are up ahead of the box set’s November release.

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