Bedroom Suck Records comp set to prime world on the last five years of Australian music history

Bedroom Suck Records comp set to prime world on the last five years of Australian music history

Shrimp on barbies, tins of Fosters and men who hunt crocodiles. That’s Australian, right? Well, er, actually we call them prawns, Fosters is barely available in pubs anywhere in Australia, and the crocodiles… well, most Australians don’t wrestle them.

So now that all those myths are busted, you’re sitting there wondering what the fabric of Australian culture is actually made up of. Come October 20 you can become a whole lot better informed when you get your mitts on the 5 Years of Bedroom Suck Records compilation which, as you’d probably guess, condenses five years of a pretty exciting time in Australian music onto a handy two-disc set.

Much like the New Zealand Flying Nun jangle scene, Bedroom Suck Records have been at the epicenter of an emerging slacker sound in Australian music dubbed down here as Dolewave which partly embraces the cultural cringe of being Aussie while at the same time blowing those myths out of the croc-infested water.

Bedroom Suck started by two Brisbane blokes like most indie labels as an incestuous avenue to distribute the music their friends were releasing and has seen a bunch of those bands such as Blank Realm and Scott & Charlene’s Wedding go on to grab some respectable international attention.

The compilation gives a good primer to what Bedroom Suck is all about: think broad Australian accents mumbling witty word-plays about everyday Australian concerns over sloppy, stoner jams; sludgey dirges; wigged out home-made electro-excursions, and the occasional tongue in cheek hip-hop track. Beauty mate!

Listen to a preview track from Totally Mild below:

5 Years of Bedroom Suck Records tracklist:

01. Blank Realm - Digging up my Bones
02. Folk Foulk - Pussy
03. Slug Guts - Dealin in the Dark
04. Loose Grip - Country Cop
05. Marl Karx - Claus
06. Knee Chin - Tropics of Comfort
07. Chanbara - Appleseed
08. Per Purpose - Blind and Assistant
09. Peak Twins - China White
10. Terrible Truths - False Hope
11. Bitch Prefect - Special Boy
12. Boomgates - Tight Knit
13. Absolute Boys - At Last
14. Scraps - SYBIMH
15. Ela Stiles - Misplaced Charity
16. Full Ugly - Same Familiar Street
17. Hissey Mayake - Waste Time
18. Primitive Motion - Bodies of the Placid Fu…
19. Superstar - Glistening Bliss
20. Scott And Charlenes Wedding - 1993
21. Peter Escott - The Missing O
22. Circular Keys - Baby (Lite)
23. Leighton Craig - Catch Me Im on
24. Totally Mild - Take Today
25. Silly Joel and the Candymen - Heroic Heart…
26. Love of Diagrams - Eyes
27. Angel Eyes - Bed

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