Blank Realm return with Illegals In Heaven

Blank Realm return with Illegals In Heaven

Emerging from the sweaty streets of Brisbane with a penchant for creating their own take on the cross-pollination of the garage/psych/pop daisies, Blank Realm have been setting our hearts on fire for some time now. And after their “gloriously messy” Grassed Inn release from last year, the world seems to be finally catching on.

Thus, with perhaps an inkling of pressure, Blank Realm have forsaken their winning formula of not recording in a studio and have gone ahead and recorded an album… in… a… studio.

Said album will be called Illegals In Heaven and was produced by outsider music legend (and fellow Brisbane native) Lawrence English. Apart from that, just take our word for it when we say that the studio has not knocked off any rough edges or toned down the band’s intensity.

Illegals In Heaven will be released September 4 via Fire Records.

Illegals In Heaven

01. No Views
02. River of Longing
03. Cruel Night
04. Costume Drama
05. Dream Date
06. Flowers in Mind
07. Gold
08. Palace of Love
09. Too Late Now

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