Berlin darkpop group Fiordmoss announce debut Kingdom Come, premiere full album

Berlin darkpop group Fiordmoss announce debut Kingdom Come, premiere full album
Photo: Jan Durina

You know a group’s serious when they not only have a good ol’ fashioned “official website,” but also have accounts on Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, and Bandcamp. Fiordmoss, a Berlin group that also features SHAPE-affiliated producer Boska, are apparently so serious that they have all of the above and haven’t even released an album yet. But that changes tomorrow, October 12, when the darkpop outfit legitimizes its online presence by releasing its long-awaited debut, Kingdom Come.

We caught a couple preview tracks of Kingdom Come last year in “Madstone” and “Motherland,” both of which speak to the album’s apparent preoccupation with the “violent nature of human relations.” Today, we get to hear those tracks in context, as TMT has the pleasure of premiering the full album below.

Pre-order Kingdom Come via Bandcamp before its October 12 release on Fathermother, and expect word to populate nicely and seamlessly on all appropriate online platforms once it’s out.

Kingdom Come tracklist:

01. Eight Bones
02. Motherland
03. Bitter Almonds
04. Saccades
05. Thief
06. Madstone
07. Sheer Soul
08. Gaslight
09. Lynchpin

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