BI = Eric Copeland + Jimi Hey. They’re releasing a 7-inch on Mexican Summer. They also like blueberry Slurpees.

BI = Eric Copeland + Jimi Hey. They're releasing a 7-inch on Mexican Summer. They also like blueberry Slurpees.

Yo, Eric Copeland and Jimi Hey, what the hell does BI stand for? Better Igloos? Blistering Ice? Bad Itchyosaur? Blueberry Ion? Bearded Iguana? I could keep going. Does BI even stand for anything? Maybe the B salutes Eric’s work in Black Dice, and the I references Jimi’s stint in Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti? Did you guys just write every letter on a scrap of paper and draw two out of a baseball cap, because you weren’t sure what else to call your collaboration? I mean, that’s totally cool. I’m just curious. You can say it stands for Blueberry Ion, if you want.

Oh, I also checked out the B-side from your debut 7-inch, “Surf’N’Turf” b/w “Tuf Jak.” Kinda noisy, jangly, summery, etc. Makes me think of drinking Slurpees and driving with the windows down in humid weather. I’m telling my friends to check it out here or below and that they can pre-order it here before it comes out in limited edition on April 17 via Mexican Summer.

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