Bill Orcutt announces solo guitar European tour in support of upcoming album Odds Against Tomorrow

Bill Orcutt announces solo guitar European tour in support of upcoming album Odds Against Tomorrow

It seems like yesterday that our ultra-fine news editor brought it hard with his announcement of the forthcoming new album by the equally fine Bill Orcutt. It was actually 24 yesterdays ago but maybe I mistook it for yesterday because I’ve been re-reading the piece every day for the past 24 dawn-to-darks, such was its power, humor, emotional weight, and perfect grammatical style and syntax that… [Ed.: Enough of your ass-kissing, Nadelle.]

Well, the story was great, but it was also about a very great improviser and composer and, truth be told, a sloth with an Etch A Sketch would have difficulty effing up a news story about this giant among guitar giants [Ed.: That’s it; you’re fired.]

Orcutt has announced a small European tour in advance of the release of Odds Against Tomorrow, starting and ending in Poland with two AAF Festival shows in Wroclaw and Warsaw. In between, he will play a couple of shows in Switzerland and Norway each, plus one in Paris. Short but super sweet…much like TMT’s news editor??? [Ed.: It’s gonna take more than that, Bootlick.]

Named after Robert Wise’s 1959 film noir, Odds Against Tomorrow will be available on Orcutt’s Palilalia label on October 11. Pre-order the CD here, LP here and download here. (FYI, because we strive to give you the best info in our news stories, it should be noted that the film Odds Against Tomorrow has a killer score by John Lewis of The Modern Jazz Quartet [Ed.: Hmmm…]).

Stay here to listen to Orcutt’s sublime “The Sun and Its Horizon” below while I go to offer a “certain someone” an apology in the form of a deep tissue foot massage. [Ed.: Rehired!!!]

Bill Orcutt European tour dates:

09.29.19 - Wroclaw, Poland - AAF Festival
09.30.19 - Lausanne, Switzerland - La Bourg
10.01.19 - Geneva, Switzerland - Cave 12
10.02.19 - Paris, France - Instants Chavires
10.04.19 - Trondheim, Norway - Resonans Fest
10.05.19 - Bergen, Norway - BLA
10.06.19 - Warsaw, Poland - AAF Festival

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