Bill Orcutt announces new album Odds Against Tomorrow (yeah, no: it does NOT come out tomorrow)

Bill Orcutt announces new album Odds Against Tomorrow (yeah, no: it does NOT come out tomorrow)

Good news, folks: THE DEVIL must be alive and well, because our favorite mysterious blues guitar de-/re-/pro-/anti-constructionist Bill Orcutt is back from whatever absolutely bonkers-ass crossroads he must hang out at, and he’s got a whole new album’s worth of obscenely inhuman shredding talent to show for the trip!

Odds Against Tomorrow, which takes its name from a 1959 film noir by Robert Wise — AND which I’ve just been assured is “more than an expansion of the territory charted by […] his eponymous 2017 studio electric debut” — is due to his the hands and ears of us mortals October 11 via Orcutt’s own Palilalia label.

Why so much “more than an expansion,” you ask?

With its nods to existing musics, half-step fluctuations, and near-songwriter-ly manipulations of tension/release, Odds Against Tomorrow is a rock record — almost. Clearly and simply recorded through a clattering Fender Twin in Orcutt’s living room and lovingly mixed by Bay Area neighbor and pedal-steel savant Chuck Johnson, no one would mistake it for any era’s radio fodder, yet the precision of its technique and the swaying Child-ballad logic of its gentler improvisations comfortably seats it between John Mayall and Richard Thompson in your Ikea Kallax.

You know all those people and words, right? Yes, me too!! Anyway!!!

Don’t just sit there: PRE-ORDER the album on LP here and CD (for some egregious reason) here!

And then: LISTEN to a brand new track called “The Sun and Its Horizon” right down below!!

Don’t worry!

You can’t HELP it!!


Odds Against Tomorrow tracklisting:

01. Odds Against Tomorrow
02. The Sun and Its Horizon
03. A Writhing Jar
04. The Conversion Experience
05. Already Old
06. Stray Dog
07. All Your Buried Corpses Begin To Speak
08. Moon River
09. Judith Reconsidered
10. Man Dies

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