Björk and David Attenborough team up for world’s most exciting music documentary (narration)

Björk and David Attenborough team up for world's most exciting music documentary (narration)

King of natural history documentaries David Attenborough has teamed up with alien high priestess Björk to create a totally unoriginal boring ol’ music documentary. Just kidding! Obviously I am just kidding. This thing is gonna have more pixie dust, magic, and heart-string-plucking ethereal strains than a powdered sugar donut made by coke-addled Keebler elves at an all night rave inside an elephant-shaped topiary bush at Disneyland. JUST IMAGINE. And the best thing is that UK residents can just catch Attenborough and Björk: The Nature of Music on broadcaster Channel 4 like it’s just some ordinary old episode of Gossip Girl. (Although no air dates have been announced just yet.)

The Nature of Music features Björk and Attenborough getting into the Big Questions, like why and how music evolved. The dynamic duo delve into humankind’s relationship to hot jams, and how technology could play into our future enjoyment of music. Integral to the documentary is Björk’s recent release, Biophilia (TMT Review), which celebrates the intersection of music/technology/nature. (Fun fact: Attenborough provided the narration on Biophilia’s multimedia apps.) So viewers will get to bask in the thrilling strains of Björk tunes whilst the Icelandic legend and Mr. Attenborough break it down for y’all over footage of reed warblers, lyre birds, and blue whales. It’s like attending a really awesome college, sans the binge drinking, plus a bunch of birds and a couple of legends.

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