Black Dice’s Eric Copeland returns to DFA for Joke In The Hole LP, fans of joke holes celebrate

Black Dice's Eric Copeland returns to DFA for Joke In The Hole LP, fans of joke holes celebrate

Tell me if this freaks you out. Actually, let me set the scene for you first. We’re in a field. I’m there, you’re there, we’re both standing there. Nothing strange about it, aside from, well, we are in a field. Don’t know about you, but I don’t hang out in fields too often. Back to the scene, though. We’re both in the field, we’re standing right in front of each other. I lean in and whisper something in your ear. I don’t whisper just anything, though. I whisper “Joke in the Hole.” Now, you’ll have to provide the end of the scene yourself, but does that freak you out? I reckon it freaks you out.

Which is appropriate, since Joke in the Hole is the name of the new Eric Copeland (Black Dice, Terrestrial Tones) record out July 17 on DFA. Copeland’s made a bit of a career out of freaking people out, at least those not accustomed to experimental noise. I know, that’s not you, you’re a Tiny Mix Tapes reader. But as a Tiny Mix Tapes reader, you are probably interested to know that Joke in the Hole will be Copeland’s first solo LP for DFA. Since Black Dice had put out a number of records on DFA, this record marks somewhat of a reunion for Copeland and the label. Perhaps in the mold of an icky, uncomfortable family reunion if this joke and hole business reaches an unsavory conclusion, but the two generally seem very happy together.

Last year, Black Dice put out Mr. Impossible (TMT Review) through Ribbon Music. I recall it being quite good. Copeland also released a solo LP last year called Limbo through Underwater Peoples. I never heard it. I am mainly illustrating the fact that Copeland and Black Dice have been on quite a few labels, as if they’re the prettiest girl at the prom and all the boys are record labels. Maybe it’s not the best metaphor.

Joke in the Hole tracklist:

01. Razki
02. Grapes
03. Tinkerbell
04. Flushing Meats
05. Babes in the Woods
06. Bobby Strong
07. Shoo Rah
08. Cheap Treat
09. Kash Donation
10. Little Tit
11. New Leather Boogie

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