Black to Comm has the gall to improve the alphabet with new self-titled 2xLP

Black to Comm has the gall to improve the alphabet with new self-titled 2xLP

Self-titled albums tend to come with an air of significance, don’t they? Well, actually, I’m seeing two possibilities. The first is the case of the debut self-titled album, where artists are possibly trying to play it safe by not using a title that tragically uses the letter “z” to pluralize (as an example). The second is the case of the subsequent self-titled album, where connotations of “I’m not fucking around” attach themselves to the more obvious fact that the artists are putting their name on their work TWICE, so you know they mean business.

Dekorder head Marc Richter a.k.a. Black to Comm is dressed in a suit, holding a clipboard, and looking past his reading glasses at us with the announcement of Black to Comm, a massive double-album out on Type December 8, but streamable in its entirety after my verbal glowing. Those waiting for a genuine sequel to Alphabet 1968 may not have felt it with the vocally inclusive EARTH, but while the latter album was meant for the cinema, Black to Comm was apparently meant for engrossment in any location. The janitor’s closet at the local sperm bank? You just found a reason.

It’s been a while since I’ve heard ambient (I use the term loosely) music this innovative, or vocal samples this not-cliché. Behold the Hamburger:

• Black to Comm:
• Type:

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